Auckland 17-21 October

Even I’ve just had 4 days in Auckland I could manage to meet lots of people here.

The second day I met Leonie and Julia from the University of Applied Sciences Westcoast in Germany who are studying for one semester at the Auckland Uiversity of Technology (AUT). We went to the Skytower to have lunch there and enjoy the beautiful view over Auckland.

I had lunch with Jochen from Automatem Ltd. on my third day and had a nice chat with him. After that I went up to Mt. Eden which gives you a good view over Auckland as well.

I spent my last day in Auckland to go to a PHP User Group meetup which was organised by Jochen. His speech about Debugging was quite interesting and I could talk to some IT guys while eating pizza and drinking beer! 🙂

Now I look forward to being in Wellington for the next week and meeting some old friends there.