Leaving Queenstown

Three weeks after I moved into Naoko’s place, Sam and Himani, the owner of the house who we live with, came back from their holiday in India. I stayed about two months in their house together with Naoko. It was very nice and I had a good time with our “flatmates”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to enjoy Queenstown as I had to manage things for getting a Job Offer from WebSeason (Wellington) and get all the paperwork done to be able to apply for a Work Permit.
As I am going to apply for Permanent Residence as well I started working with Peter Hahn, an Immigration Advisor, who helps me to do the right steps.
I already sent an Expression of Interest (the first step to get Permanent Residence) to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) on 16 December and applied for a Work Permit on 24 December.

But of course I didn’t do only that. I could spend some time for other things as well like relaxing at Earnslaw Park or spending a few hours on Queenstown’s ‘beach’ with Naoko.

On Christmas day Naoko and I went to a really good French Restaurant called Solera Vino and we spent the rest of the evening by ourselves at home.
On New Year’s Eve we went to Earnslaw Park where two stages with live music and a DJ were set up and we watched the fireworks at midnight on Lake Wakatipu.

A few days later Philipp from Germany came to Queenstown before exploring the Fiordlands and we went up to the Gondola and walked around town.

Even though I haven’t got my Work Permit yet I am going to leave Queenstown for Wellington tomorrow. I hope I can start working in February and I will try to find a place to live for Naoko and me.
I had a really nice time in Queenstown and I’m sure I will miss this town.