Wellington 21-28 October

As I mentioned before, I spent totally one week in Wellington.

After one hour flight from Auckland in the morning of 21 October I could take a rest for a while. In the evening I met Elke from WebSeason who I know from my last time in New Zealand. We were talking about the opportunity for me to work for their company and she seemed to be interested.

The next day I visited my old language school WBS in Lower Hutt. I met Birte, Tomas, Mieko and Denis there – all WBS staff. Later I talked to Mieko, General Manager of WBS, and she was interested in hiring me as well. So after not even a week in New Zealand I already had two chances to get a job offer. 🙂
On the same day I met my former homestay family for dinner and one day later Bianka, who I came with to NZ the last time. I spent Saturday afternoon at Birtes and Allisters house and we had a nice dinner together.

After 2 days without meeting anyone I went to WBS and my homestay family again.

The week in Wellington finished way too quick as I am going to Christchurch tomorrow. Let’s see what that brings up.

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