Christchurch 28-31 October

Now I’ve already spent 3 days in Christchurch and, as you might guess, can’t wait to see my girlfriend Naoko again after 7 months apart!
But before we can meet tomorrow morning I will let you know what I’ve been up to in Christchurch.

Actually I was supposed to meet Steve from Synapsys at my second day here but he was too busy. So I used my spare time to go to the Botanic Garden and the Art Gallery.

On my third day I joint a meeting of IT guys called CloudCamp. It was organised as an “unconference”, means the participants decide what kind of topics are most interesting for them and talks about it. It was very good and I really enjoyed the free pizza, potato chips and beer with the other geeks after that! 🙂

So far I met a lot of old friends in my first 2 weeks and came in touch with many IT people in NZ. And it looks like I might be able to get a job here. So keep the fingers cross!

Wellington 21-28 October

As I mentioned before, I spent totally one week in Wellington.

After one hour flight from Auckland in the morning of 21 October I could take a rest for a while. In the evening I met Elke from WebSeason who I know from my last time in New Zealand. We were talking about the opportunity for me to work for their company and she seemed to be interested.

The next day I visited my old language school WBS in Lower Hutt. I met Birte, Tomas, Mieko and Denis there – all WBS staff. Later I talked to Mieko, General Manager of WBS, and she was interested in hiring me as well. So after not even a week in New Zealand I already had two chances to get a job offer. 🙂
On the same day I met my former homestay family for dinner and one day later Bianka, who I came with to NZ the last time. I spent Saturday afternoon at Birtes and Allisters house and we had a nice dinner together.

After 2 days without meeting anyone I went to WBS and my homestay family again.

The week in Wellington finished way too quick as I am going to Christchurch tomorrow. Let’s see what that brings up.

Auckland 17-21 October

Even I’ve just had 4 days in Auckland I could manage to meet lots of people here.

The second day I met Leonie and Julia from the University of Applied Sciences Westcoast in Germany who are studying for one semester at the Auckland Uiversity of Technology (AUT). We went to the Skytower to have lunch there and enjoy the beautiful view over Auckland.

I had lunch with Jochen from Automatem Ltd. on my third day and had a nice chat with him. After that I went up to Mt. Eden which gives you a good view over Auckland as well.

I spent my last day in Auckland to go to a PHP User Group meetup which was organised by Jochen. His speech about Debugging was quite interesting and I could talk to some IT guys while eating pizza and drinking beer! 🙂

Now I look forward to being in Wellington for the next week and meeting some old friends there.

Finally back in New Zealand!

Still can’t believe it – I am back! 🙂
After 35 hours of travelling from Vechelde in Germany to Auckland I am in NZ again! Now it’s just 2 more weeks until I can see Naoko after 7 months apart. So I am really looking forward to it!

After a very short rest, I met Prof. Michael Lück from the Auckland University of Technology tonight* and had a good chat with him. Within the next two weeks I am going to meet lots of other people to hopefully get a job offer.

Anyway I am quite tired now and will go to bed! 😉

*because he is flying to South Africa tomorrow

Welcome to Benjamin Reichelt’s New Zealand Blog

Kia Ora, ようこそ, Wilkommen and Welcome to my New Zealand Blog!

MeI’m Benjamin from Germany but you can call me Benny, Ben or ベンチャン or whatever you feel like. 😉
In this Blog I am going to write a little bit about my Life in New Zealand and you can also have a look at some of my pictures.

Right now I’m in Germany but I’m flying to New Zealand tomorrow. Actually this will be my second time in New Zealand as I already spent one year there from April 2008 to April 2009.
I really enjoyed that time and had some great experience in New Zealand. The beautiful country, the “easy going” mentality and especially my girlfriend Naoko, who I met in Wellington, makes me now go again.

I hope you enjoy reading this Blog!


If you don’t know me, you might want to read a short summary who I am and what I have done before I started writing this Blog:
As mentioned before I’m from Germany and I graduated my studies of Business Administration with majors in Business Informatics and Financial Controlling in March 2008. I worked as a software and web developer for 16 months during my studies and started working as a Contractor in Germany in November 2007.
After I finished my studies I spent one year on a Working Holiday Scheme in New Zealand. At the beginning I had a language course in Wellington where I met my Japanese girlfriend 🙂
After 4 weeks there I worked as a Volunteer in Nydia Bay for two months. Then I did some IT jobs, like teaching Excel or developing a database, while living most of the time in Queenstown.
From the middle of April to the middle of October 2009 I worked in Germany as a software developer and now I am trying to find a job as a web and/or software developer in New Zealand.

If you want to know more please have a look at my website.